Alveraz has been coaching actors since 2019.

Here are a few testimonials from actors who have worked with him in private, classroom, and workshop programs. 

First audition class taught by Alveraz (far left), in Hollywood, @ The Primal Audition, 2019

Charlie N.

1/25/2022 - I have been an actor for over 10 years. There are ebbs and flows as we learn how to inhabit the characters presented to us. Alvaraz just gave me a whole new tool-set to drill down into the subterranean layers of acting where the real magic happens. It's what we see in all the great actors: the ability to say something that is not being said. I honestly feel like I have a new superpower. I've shifted from kinda dreading auditions to feeling like I can't wait for the next one. Something has changed...and it's good!

Leah V. 

"This is an amazing workshop! It runs exactly like a network television audition. It's gives the pros and the  beginner actor the chance to practice one of he most valuable skills there is in the business, the skill to audition. This is not an acting technique class,  it's better! It's a workshop on getting sides, preparing and nailing the audition. Alveraz gives great insider tips and notes on what network CDs might want and what they expect. He also teaches actors to have confidence as you enter the room and audition. I've taken classes for years and this is one of the best on camera workshop I've ever taken."

Alice K.

"Alveraz shares his experience and insights as a prolific booker of network TV shows with the class each week. Whether you are new to the process or someone who is auditioning regularly, you can find nuggets of gold in this class. What I like the most is the safe environment that Alvarez provides so I feel free to do my best work. As someone who auditions regularly, I still go to class because you can't get ripped by going to the gym once, right? It is nice for me to go flex that muscle when I am having a slow week. And it's always nice to have someone else look at my process in a safe and supportive environment because we all need some help some time. Also I really like the payment format of paying for a bunch of classes and having 6 months to use them. That flexibility works well for me."

George G.

“Alveraz is an extraordinary communicator and he loves actors because he is one! Furthermore, his own booking ratio is unparalleled so he knows what it takes to win. He seamlessly recreates the audition experience for each actor, preparing them for real world scenarios and having been on my high level auditions I must say, he really nails it to the wall. Can't recommend him highly enough.”

Rae L. 

“I love this place! This is as close as you will get to a real audition environment.
Alveraz is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic! He loves to share his personal experience and successes. He is able to really individualize his advice, tips and guidance to each actor. The group as whole is also enthusiastic, supportive and eager to learn. That makes for a wonderful and professional environment! You won't get the role if you don't know how to audition! You must practice how to be in the room and this place will help you do that!”

Katie B.

"I started taking Alveraz's class about a month ago and I absolutely feel so lucky to have discovered it cuz i was not doing so well in the audition circuit. I found his class on facebook and when i found out how affordable his class was, I was sold to purchase the Tuesday night course. The class is soo awesome too because he conducts it as a mock audition for a network show and then we all
come together to get critiques from him and his colleague, Cindy, another industry professional. Alveraz is a generous, kind, and straightforward guy who has a wealth of knowledge, interesting stories, and industry know-how to make this course worth-while from the very green actor to the seasoned professional. Cindy brings her wisdom as well and as a pair, the two help give you well-rounded and specific constructive criticism to help you improve. By far, my favorite part is watching people's auditions. It is so fascinating and engaging to see how other actors are doing and what they bring to the table. Hands down, best class i have taken on auditioning technique. Bonus: he is efficient with time too and makes sure all students get the most value out of the class."


"What an incredible opportunity! I've been to many many different coaches/classes/seminars/workshops, but never have I experienced such true insight to auditioning! No other instructor has booked 10 name shows in 2018 & 12 name shows for 2019. Alveraz truly knows the top CDs in town & knows what works. He has incredible insight into casting/feedback as well as a background in writing & honestly I feel he could direct - he's that well-rounded. So he's able to focus right on what to improve. He's also a great motivator & confidence booster, which is collectively exactly what I need. I already had a lot of acting class background & needed to perfect my auditioning techniques, continue practicing, & actually get somewhere."

Ryan A.

"This is an amazing opportunity for actors to build and strengthen their network audition skills, get amazing feedback and coaching and help hone the skills needed to book work. You get the feedback on the playback of your audition and the feedback is honest, delivered in an actionable way so you can work on strengthening your audition technique."

Charlie N. 

"With so many actor-factories out there that are trying to keep people coming back to the trough...this class run by Alvaraz Ricardez stands apart. Most of the other teachers don't have actual network TV experience. Alvaraz does. What's more, the class is all about getting better at auditioning. Which every actor needs. It's affordable, friendly & non-judgmental no matter where you're at in your career. The feedback has been so helpful to me personally. I cannot recommend this class enough!"

Laurie W. 

“Great class, really valuable feedback and learning. If you want a safe, but honest, experience to learn to up your Network Audition chops, this is the place. Experience can range from beginner to working pro and you learn from everyone. Can't recommend The Primal Audition enough.”

Eddie F.

"Truly one of the best on-camera acting classes i have ever taken, in over 35 years in the acting business!!!! whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, we all get to learn together, which is always amazing because even if you've been at it for a long time you can always learn something new, & be inspired by anyone!!!! he truly makes the class a comfortable place, but you also get that true feel of going into a real deal casting director's office!!!! alveraz has such a warm, kind, & welcoming demeanor, as does his wonderful friend & reader cindy chavez!!!! they both are a great team together, & their respectful & sometimes differing opinions, are always truly helpful, because one person will always see something different & give you different tips & advice that will work for each person differently!!!! thank you alvarez & cindy for a great place to train!!!! have a great day!!!!"

Alex C.

“Alveraz Ricardez primal audition class is amazing. He treats the room/class as a network casting audition. A great class to attend if you want to be prepared when you get called in."

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