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Welcome to, The Self-Tape Coach! I’m your host and audition coach, Alveraz Ricardez (IMDB). I just wanted to say hi, and update you on what I’m up to here at STC. Hopefully you like the new digs and sign up for a coaching session. If not, no worries, just keep checking the blog for acting tips and updates. I’ll keep the free blog running as long as folks keep reading.

So a few years back, in 2019, I started an acting class in Hollywood, called, The Primal Audition. At the time, I had been in the business for over twenty years, as a producer, writer, director, and most recently, a working SAG-AFTRA actor. I had learned from some of the best acting coaches in Los Angeles and was ready to share what I had learned with others.

The class was an overwhelming success. We sold-out weekly and most importantly, I got to meet some of the most talented and inspiring actors I had ever met. They were the joy and energy of the class, and I was honored to help as much as I could.

Fast-forward to today. I have learned a great deal more over the last few years as a working actor and private acting coach. A lot more! My strategy has grown, and my technique has developed into something stronger - more specific. I’ve been developing this audition process over the last few years and I’m finally ready to share it with others. I combine strategies from various acting schools, and integrate my favorite parts of those programs into my own approach, rooted in instinct, and intuition. As former students will attest, I’m a pretty grounded instructor. I try to get right to the source of authenticity - where the magic happens.

We start with our obligation to the breakdown, and sides. We begin with the left, analytical side of our brains, removing all subjectivity as we explore the sides, breakdown, character, location, and scene. We comb through everything on the page with a scientific eye, until we’re fully prepared to enter the right, creative side of our brain. Here, we open up our imaginations and find ways to pull the threads of subtext in every line, and expand on a world already presented to us on the page. We’re not here to recreate the wheel, but we don’t leave any stone unturned in our session, and we learn to stay open, explore, play, analyze, ask questions, and develop a self-tape that will make CD’s stand up, and take notice.

I can’t guarantee you will book the audition, no one can do that. But I can guarantee you’ve never explored a scene to this extent, and developed a character the same way we will together. We’ll make sure you enter that self-tape ready to embody an authentic life. Most importantly, I set students up with the confidence to own this space in front of the camera, and you will expect nothing less than excellence when submitting your audition to the casting director. That I can guarantee.

Thanks for stopping by. Let’s go break some legs!


The very first acting class I taught in Hollywood, @ The Primal Audition, 2019:

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