How It Works...

Your first step is to register & pay below. We will then meet via zoom and immediately begin work on your sides, line by line, and discover ways to improve upon your initial self tape. This is a WORKING session.


We will begin with a thorough breakdown of the sides (have a pen handy). After a thorough breakdown and review of the sides and your initial audition, I will act as your reader. We will dig in, play, explore and prepare you  for a fully realized, professional self-tape that books. You then self-tape (on your own) and either submit to casting, or choose my follow-up option to get quick feedback on your final product before submitting.

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How it Works


The Complete Actor Workshop



The Complete Audition Workshop

This is for co-star, guest star, film, or commercial self-tapes. After you select your time and register, I will email you with further instructions. This is an excellent option for actors who need coaching on an audition that requires a fast turnaround.

Note: A one-hour session ($50) covers up to three pages of sides. If you require more pages, you will be invoiced after our session, at $15 for each additional page.

Note: The former "final self-tape review" option has now been integrated into this session (a $25 value). After our session, we can book a time to review your final tape, free of charge.

Workshop (Coming Soon)

We've had so much success with the private sessions, we've decided to open up a workshop, so we can bring the same private instruction to the masses! Stay tuned for dates and times.

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