Theatrical & Commercial Audition Coaching,

with Alveraz Ricardez

Welcome to, THE SELF-TAPE COACH. My name is Alveraz Ricardez (IMDB). I’m a working SAG-AFTRA actor, and private acting coach.

This is a unique coaching experience, unlike anything else in the industry. The clock starts the moment you receive your audition notice. This coaching system is designed to prepare you for taping within 12-24 hours of that notice. 

Theatrical and commercial self-tapes require a fast turnaround and many actors rush the process, without any help, only to submit a mediocre audition. Every audition has the potential to change your life. Why would you rush this process? I’m here to help you elevate your work, without compromising the quality of your audition. And we get it done before your deadline.


I use a creative approach, following a simple cognitive process to uncover an authentic life, directly from the page. I use an amalgam of acting techniques I have learned over the years, including my own personal process.

I'm here to help you book the casting office. No one can guarantee you will book the audition. But with my help, I can guarantee your audition will make CD's stand, and take notice. 





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